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We train subjects of the King to change the world like He did.

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Are you troubled by what is happening in the world?

Our nation is deeply troubled. If you’re like me you feel different feelings about it at different times–concern, worry, frustration, powerlessness, anger, or even apathy. In our better moments, though, we want to help, and we know this is what God wants.

Troubled by what is happening in the world

Are you and your church making a difference?

Too busy and overwhelmed to establish new priorities

Most of us are trying to help, but we don’t always know what to do, and we may wonder if what we are doing is making any difference. Sometimes we feel trapped by all the demands and responsibilities and by busy schedules. We may not even have time to think about what needs to be done, much less actually establish new priorities.

The Best Solution

There is some merit in a number of the proposed solutions to the world’s trouble and the church’s need to respond. But I’m convinced the best place to focus is on listening to Jesus and following his example.

Jesus changing the world

When our Lord saw the broken people of his world, he compared them to a harvest and said the need is for workers (Matthew 9:35-38). In this context a worker is someone who serves like Jesus: giving good teaching, telling good news, and doing good deeds (v. 35).

Discipleship, evangelism, and service
Matthew 9:35

We might call these discipleship, evangelism, and service (or ministry).

Jesus not only did these things personally, he trained others to do them too (Matt. 10).
The combination of his work and theirs had a profound effect on the world indeed.

How to make a difference in the world

Empowering Subjects seeks to follow Jesus’ approach by training Subjects of the King to change the world by doing the same three things He did.

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Grady King interviews Marvin about Empowering Subjects. Grady works with Hope Network Ministries & Interim Ministry Partners and is also Director of Church Resources at Oklahoma Christian University
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