Overview of the Empowering Subjects Training (2:25)

The Seminar

Seminar Sessions:

Understanding the Kingdom of God. An interactive learning game and teaching that help us more fully grasp the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom was the primary theme of Jesus’ message and was proclaimed by the Christians in Acts as well. The kingdom of God is central to how Jesus changes the world.

How to Change the World like Jesus. An exploration of Matthew 9:35-38, the key passage upon which Empowering Subjects is based. Here Jesus states overtly what is needed in the face of a broken world.

The Good News of God’s Kingdom. A proclamation of the good news of God’s reign and some of its key implications.

Playing the Kingdoms in Crisis game in Empowering Subjects seminar.
Playing “Kingdoms in Crisis” game
Marvin Bryant teaching about Jesus' resurrection at the Empowering Subjects seminar.
Marvin Teaching about Jesus’ Resurrection

Since the seminar portion focuses primarily on helping participants grasp the kingdom of God and pledge fealty to our King, it is appropriate and beneficial for the entire congregation, regardless of whether they are currently interested in reaching out to others. The seminar, however, also provides a basis and motivation for participating in the Follow-up Training.

Video Samples of the seminar here

The Follow-up Training

The Follow-up Training is conducted locally and facilitated by your leadership, utilizing the resources of Empowering Subjects. The Follow-up Training consists of thirteen weeks of:

  • Watching a 10 minute video that introduces the theme of the week
  • Downloading about 15 pages of material to work through. This consists of reading, Scripture, questions, reflections, prayer, and practical applications. These pages will be put into a notebook to create a manual (150+ pp.). See Contents and Samples of Training Materials.
  • Meeting with a small group of others from your congregation who are also working through the material. This is for encouragement, sharing, learning, problem solving, and prayer.
  • Additional Support Resources from Empowering Subjects include a blog, in-depth articles, and ongoing relationship and contact with Marvin.
A portion of the Curriculum page in the Empowering Subjects website.
Follow-up Materials are accessed through the Curriculum Page of the Website
Active learning takes place when someone works on the Empowering Subjects follow-up materials
Active Learning through the Follow-up Materials
People working through the Empowering Subjects follow-up material support and encourage each other through small groups
Support and Encouragement through Small Group Discussion
What You’ll Learn

In the Follow-up Training you’ll learn to change the world like Jesus. We use the SHARE acronym to remember a broader range of things Jesus did in Matthew 9:35-38.

Empowering Subjects follow-up training teaches participants to SHARE the kingdom with others. This includes Seeing people, Having compassion, Attesting to the kingdom with our deeds, Relating the kingdom with our words, and Explaining and Equipping the subjects of the kingdom.
SHARE seems appropriate in light of Matthew 10:8:
“Freely you have received; freely give.”

The Follow-up training is:

  • Voluntary. Since the Lord of the Harvest is the One who sends out workers, we do not try to compel people to participate in the training. It is for those who want to be equipped to change the world like He did. (Note: workers refers to anyone who does what Jesus did, not just full-time church workers.)
  • Substantial. This is in keeping with the importance of the mission and the power of the Enemy. If we were to dumb it down, we would not be doing you a favor.
  • Rewarding. The sacrifices made for training or service will yield the blessing and fulfillment of being a useful tool for our Master.
Jesus said we find life by losing it for him and others.

Other Notable Features of Empowering Subjects

  • Opportunity
  • Biblical
  • God-dependent
  • Christ-centered
  • Balance
  • Personal
  • Choice
  • Substantial
  • Variety
  • Practical
  • Growth-oriented
  • Authentic

Want to talk about it?

Why Host the Empowering Subjects Outreach Training?

NOTE: “Outreach” here includes doing good deeds for people (service), telling good news to people (evangelism), and giving good teaching to those who response (discipleship).

Why Should we Address Outreach with our Churches? (3:46)
Why address Outreach through a Seminar? (3:38)
Why Host the Empowering Subjects Seminar? (5:35)

Additional Equipping

After completing the basic Empowering Subjects Seminar and Follow-up Training described above, these add-ons can be done:

Telling the News, How You Can Share the Gospel with a Friend. This workshop builds on the Empowering Subjects Follow-up Training and further equips you to actually tell the good news to a friend. Includes how to find opportunities, the message that needs to be spoken, the form of the message, a sample demonstration, what to do next and Q&A.

Sowing Seed Together, How to Conduct a Group Exploration of Jesus. This workshop explains how to create a group setting where non-Christians can come hear about Jesus (some might call it a group outreach Bible study). Includes the basic perspective that needs to be adopted, many practical specifics, special suggestions for the teacher, and a sample demonstration. An excellent add-on to the Empowering Subjects follow-up training that provides a way for your people to continue in what they have learned.

Renew/Refocus/Re-up, Renewing Our Devotion to the Mission. This is a review and refresher course for churches who have hosted the Empowering Subjects Seminar and Follow-up Training. If desired, it can also lead to forming new groups for those who want to repeat the Empowering Subjects Follow-up Training or do it for the first time.

Trained for the Kingdom, How to Nurture and Disciple New Believers. The importance and some ways of forming new believers into the image of Christ.

In addition, additional equipping can be tailored to the particular needs of your group or church.

Do you have concerns?

  1. If you are concerned about whether your members would participate in Empowering Subjects, remember, the Lord sends out the workers, so we are happy to work with whoever and however many people end up participating. Don’t underestimate the power of challenging people to step up instead of taking a laid back approach. In addition, the rich material on the Kingdom of God presented in the seminar portion of Empowering Subjects may motivate some additional people to participate in the follow-up training. Regardless, having even a few equipped workers is far better than having none.

  2. If you are concerned about whether people will be expected to reach out to others in old, confrontational, or unnatural ways, recognize that the Lord can give us opportunities to reach out meaningfully and appropriately. We are not limited to old school ways of doing so.

  3. If you are concerned about whether the follow-up training will expect a considerable amount of work, then know that yes, it will! The follow-up training is substantial because the stakes are so high, the enemy is so powerful, and most of us are not fit for work in a harvest field. Besides, we regularly work hard for other matters that are not as valuable as the pearl of great price. Jesus didn’t lower the bar of discipleship or training. Neither should we.

  4. If you are concerned about whether Empowering Subjects will change anything, then remember, we need to do what’s right regardless of results (cf. Ecclesiastes 11:4). It is the Lord who gives the increase, anyway, not only in outreach but also in training for outreach. Still, I am thoroughly convinced that good material + God’s work + open-hearted members will affect people significantly and lead them to be the workers Jesus said are needed. We need to do our part, pray, and rely on God to work.

Want to talk about it? Have questions?

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Free resource on Conflict and Unity in the Church.
Free Resource on Conflict

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