Ron Kijewski, Charles Town, WV

“Empowering Subjects is a powerful study. It was challenging and sometimes just hard! I am so grateful though because I have grown in my Christian walk. It was so good for Kenny and I to work together throughout the week plus we each had another partner to support! I cannot wait for your book!”

Twila, Kenedy, TX

“The Empowering Subjects follow-up training gave me such a different perspective on how to see things when dealing with others. I learned more about myself and the areas that I need to work on in regards to my weaknesses and I also learned more about  areas in which I have strengths.”

Elice, Jefferson, TX

“My favorite session was How to Change the World like Jesus because of the emphasis on Jesus being the attraction not the church.” 

Casey, Jefferson, TX

“I liked all the sessions. It was all relevant. The most helpful thing about the seminar for me was realizing that we need to follow the King before we tell others about the King.”

Phillip, Marshall, TX

“Yes. I plan to participate in the follow-up equipping because I want to be a worker without fear.”

Debbie, Marshall, TX

“My favorite session was The Story of the Kingdom of God. I really enjoyed the format and the ability to meet with our folks outside of the worship. Really enjoyed that time. The most helpful thing about the seminar overall was the kingship concept. I knew this, but I didn’t ‘know’ this.”

Chase, Marshall, TX

“The thing I found most helpful about the seminar overall is that it make me feel encouraged that I have capabilities to spread God’s word.”

Dee, Kenedy, TX

“I enjoyed all the sessions. The most fun was Saturday. The most helpful was the Sunday sermon on the Good News of God’s Kingdom. The most helpful thing overall was knowing that God’s kingdom needs to be spread and we can help do this.”

Neal, Kenedy, TX

“The most helpful thing about the seminar was that it really caused self-reflection, realizing we don’t do enough.

Dell, Kenedy, TX

“I liked all the sessions. They are helping me grow in my service to our King.”

Iris, Kenedy, TX

“I found the seminar to be most encouraging. My favorite session was Understanding the Kingdom of God (Saturday). It was entertaining, engaging, and enlightening.”

Gabriele, Harper’s Ferry, WV

“My favorite session was The Story of the Kingdom of God. It had a nice, relaxed atmosphere with the game in the beginning, and then the session afterwards was thought provoking. It had connections from the game and it was a concentrated presentation of the gospel that helped spur thoughts on presenting it to others. The most helpful thing about the seminar overall was how the information was presented, not in a “how to,” cookie-cutter method but more of a why and what to present.”

Ron, Harper’s Ferry, WV

“The session on the Story of the Kingdom of God was especially engaging an gave me lots of ideas. Now that I’m encouraged, I feel motivated to share it with others.”

Shenan, Harpers Ferry WV

“Thank you so much for this powerful study. I so appreciate all the resources you provided and the valuable meeting times each week. You truly are providing a timely and much needed ministry.

What I liked most about the program were the weekly discussions and sharing. The written lessons, practical applications, videos, and scriptural references opened doors for me and made me realize that there are so many opportunities and methods for reaching people. I guess the bottom line is that I liked everything about this study.

This training has changed me by giving me awareness of people and realizing so many are really searching for and needing Jesus; daily praying for opportunities and realizing that every time I leave my home I am on a mission to open my heart to those opportunities; and I am feeling more ready and prepared to meet those opportunities with the Lord’s help and guidance.

Everything was helpful to me. ”                  

-Ginny C, Boerne, Texas

“I greatly appreciated your thorough use of scripture in the study to illustrate the points. Many tools were provided by these scriptures which will strengthen us when we attempt to grow and be ready to approach and help lead others to Christ.

As a result of this program, I look more and deeper for opportunities to reach those who need to come to Christ. I rationalize less and keep my mind open with no judgement on where someone’s heart is with respect to their relationship with Christ. I need to try harder to find ways to broach discussing Christ. Your examples of what methods you use were very helpful. Your emphasis on prayer is especially meaningful and beneficial as I condition my mind in preparation interaction with others.”

-Rick C, Boerne, Texas

“Being a ‘people person’ I enjoyed the small group discussion and sharing of experiences. I appreciated the one paragraph proclamation exercise. 

I am now more aware of being on call 24/7, being intentional about looking for and seeing people. I also think praying for coworkers and understanding this is a shared responsibility helps free us from feeling pressured, understanding God is doing His part as well.”

-Tammy G, San Antonio, Texas

“Empowering Subjects is a powerful program which  arms the disciple with practical, easy to understand ways to serve our fellow man and most importantly our King. This program does a fantastic job at drawing out scripture and using that scripture to convict and then empower us for the work of glorifying God. “

Allen, Helotes, Texas

“The course and the faith lessons taught and practiced thru Empowering Subjects brought new life and practical application to my commitment to God. We learn to see people much more deeply and with that grows compassion and sharing your heart and the message of our Savior. The material points us inwardly, diagnosing our walk with Christ and then outwardly with our growth relationally. It is more than a church bible study—it is learning by reading, studying, sharing and doing—a Jesus Model—for our daily living.”

John, San Antonio, Texas

“The best part about the training was that it was buildable–we had the opportunity to lay some groundwork before leading up to the harder work. A lot of positive things have come out of the program for me personally allowing me to touch other people in a way I would not have been comfortable previously. I’m very encouraged and had lots of fun and plan on keeping in touch with my partner from the group going forward. I would definitely recommend it to people in the future.”

Lisa, San Antonio, Texas