Help for New Christians

Don’t leave new Christians stranded! Be there for them and help them start well.

Rock Solid is a seven-week Bible Devotional Guide for New Christians to help them build a solid foundation for following Jesus. They work on their own and then meet with a mentor to discuss and pray. And they learn to feed themselves in the process! $11.95 from Westbow Press.

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Resource Sheets

Key points in the gospel with Scriptures that illustrate them

Reminders to SHARE the Kingdom that you can print, mount on card stock, and display in appropriate places, to remind you that we are called to Christ’s mission 24/7.


Five common mistakes we make in our thinking or efforts of evangelism and how to correct them.

A description of what God says churches need to be about in Ephesians 4:11-16.

An article that describes the reality of the Spirit living within Christians and explains two aspects of what it means to live in the new way of the Spirit (8 pages).

This article describes some of how our general responsibility to SHARE the kingdom with others applies specifically to people who are poor and disadvantaged.

Movie and Video Recommendations

The following movies and videos may be useful as you seek to communicate the good news about Jesus to others. Ideally, most of our efforts will be in personal relationships with others, but these digital resources can be a good supplement. It is recommended that you preview them both so you’ll know what your friend is seeing and so that you can make sure you feel good about them.

  1. The Case for Christ (2017). “The true story of an investigative journalist–and avowed atheist–who applies his skills to disprove the faith of his wife…with life-altering results.” This material is appropriate for intellectual skeptics and may be helpful to them. Currently this video can be purchased here, but you may want to search around online because you can find it a few different places. There is also a book form here.

  2. The Visual Bible: Matthew (1993). A depiction of Jesus, word for word from the NIV of Matthew’s gospel. Currently available on YouTube here.

  3. The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John (2003). A depiction of Jesus, word for word from the Good News Bible. Currently available on YouTube here

  4. The True Story of the Kingdom of God (2021). This is a Facebook Live I did just before Christmas in 2021. It is a sample of a detailed (38 minutes) telling of the good news of God’s kingdom geared toward people who haven’t heard it. It may give you some ideas about how you can tell the good news or may in some cases be appropriate to show to someone as a part of your telling the good news to them.

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