Free Resource on Conflict and Unity in the Church

Home Screen of the Digital Program

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The Conflict and Unity Resource contains a wealth of information that can help you avoid and address conflict in the church. It includes a digital program and five follow-up emails, and it is all free.

The digital resource addresses three primary topics, including God’s Wisdom in the Scriptures, the pervasive influence of Consumer Christianity, and the powerful effect of Focusing on God’s Kingdom Mission. The five follow-up emails support the vital role of God’s mission in overcoming conflict and in general.


  • Once you sign up, watch for an email, usually within a few hours, that contains a link to the digital resource and then five additional emails over the next five weeks. 
  • The digital resource is optimized for Mac or PC. You may be able to access it on your mobile device but it will be small and won’t have full functionality.
  • You can navigate through the 45-50 screens of information in sequence or click and go directly to the topic most relevant to you. 
  • You must have internet access. 
  • I will not share or sell your email address.
  • If you have any problems accessing or using the resource, contact me.

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