Thinking Through the Matter of Results—5

Conclusions. I have noticed that anytime people talk about a method or approach to telling the good news, someone inevitably asks what results that approach has gotten, and I have done the same. But the more I have thought about results, the more questions it has raised. Why do we ask? What are we thinkingContinue reading “Thinking Through the Matter of Results—5”

Thinking through the Matter of Results—4

Rejection. In this series of posts we are considering what we might learn about approaches and methods to sharing the good news from the results that come from them. So far we have noticed that, in the New Testament, sometimes the results to the gospel message have been overwhelmingly favorable (conversions) and sometimes mixed. InContinue reading “Thinking through the Matter of Results—4”

Thinking Through the Matter of Results—3

Mixed. We are exploring the question of what we can learn about a method or approach to evangelism by the ways people respond to it. Our common practice of asking about results indicates we think this will tell us something. Currently we are focusing on the various responses we see in the New Testament, andContinue reading “Thinking Through the Matter of Results—3”

Thinking Through the Matter of Results—2

Conversion. In this series of posts, we are thinking through what we learn from the results achieved by a particular method of reaching out or actually teaching the gospel. Any method for reaching out will yield some kind of results, even if it is no result. The fact that American Christians so often ask aboutContinue reading “Thinking Through the Matter of Results—2”

Thinking Through the Matter of Results-1

The Phenomenon. If you are interested in reaching out to others with the good news about Jesus, you have probably been in classes or discussions about how we might do so. In those settings people usually share various approaches to outreach or methods of actually teaching people that they have used or heard about. ItContinue reading “Thinking Through the Matter of Results-1”