Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-4

Christ-centered. Clearly Christ is extremely important and central in Scripture. He is the apex of God’s plan for humankind. His coming is prophesied in the Old Testament and described in the New. The word occurs well over 400 times in the New Testament, and “Jesus” appears another 1300+. Christ is the One through whom GodContinue reading “Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-4”

Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-3

God’s Work. In this series of posts, we are simultaneously exploring some of the vital components of God’s mission in Scripture and the corresponding features of the new ministry, Empowering Subjects. I am hoping this will serve the dual purpose of encouraging us to faithfully participate in God’s mission in various ways and also creatingContinue reading “Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-3”

Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-2

Biblical. I think it is clear that we can be engaged in religious activities without actually being engaged in God’s mission. For example, we may substitute some other mission like “being nice” for what God sent us to do. Or we may not have any sense of mission whatsoever. In order to be involved genuinelyContinue reading “Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-2”

Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World—1

Beginnings. Though there are some good things going on around us, our nation and world are in a terrible mess. I was feeling particularly troubled by that when we got our stay-at-home order back in 2020. Thankfully God’s word spoke to me powerfully during those days and led me to some important realizations. I realizedContinue reading “Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World—1”

My New Year’s Wish for You

My New Year’s wish for you may seem a bit abrupt. It is that you may be mended, restored, and prepared for service! I hope that doesn’t sound bad. I realize it could imply that we are broken, off track and useless. And in fact, there is some truth in that, but my wish forContinue reading “My New Year’s Wish for You”

The Angels Good News—4

The Effect. When the angel announced the good news that a Savior had been born—Christ, the Lord—the immediate response was worship. The announcement had another important effect as well, namely, the shepherds words, “Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us” (LukeContinue reading “The Angels Good News—4”

The Angel’s Good News—3

His Worship. We’ve noted that an angel appeared to shepherds and announced the good news of the birth of a Savior and King (Luke 2:8-12). It is clear that this is extremely significant news, and that fact is underscored by the response it evoked. The immediate response was worship! A “multitude of the heavenly host”Continue reading “The Angel’s Good News—3”

The Angel’s Good News—2

His Message. We noticed in the first post in this series that the angel (messenger) brought good news for all people. Today we will explore the content of that news. We want to understand it because it will be beneficial to us, but it is all the more important that we understand it clear sinceContinue reading “The Angel’s Good News—2”

The Angel’s Good News—1

His Appearing. As we approach Christmas this year, I want to write a short series of shorter posts about the good news of Jesus’ birth brought by the angel (Luke 2:8-20). We begin today with the angel’s appearing. The angel appeared with the glory of the Lord. The word “shone” (v. 9) shows that gloryContinue reading “The Angel’s Good News—1”

Gratitude—a Fateful Choice.

It’s wonderful to have a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise” (Lincoln) each November. Unfortunately, though, the traditions that have grown up around the Thanksgiving Holiday in our nation sometimes hinder us from the very thing it is intended to remind us of. Travel and traffic, expectations and preparations, Black Friday sales and spending, andContinue reading “Gratitude—a Fateful Choice.”