Sowing and Reaping—3

The Seed. In this series (begins here) we have discussed literal farming in the ancient world, the basic principle of sowing and reaping, and a number of related lessons. Our focus in the series is the passages that use sowing and reaping figuratively to describe people coming to Christ. Today we will explore the seed.Continue reading “Sowing and Reaping—3”

Examining Our Barriers to Speaking about Christ – 7

I Don’t Know What to Tell Them. In this series of posts, we’ve been exploring the barriers that hinder us from telling others about Christ (begins here). Last time we talked about how to bring up spiritual matters to begin with, noting that it is helpful to keep in mind what we ultimately want toContinue reading “Examining Our Barriers to Speaking about Christ – 7”

The Good News Told In Acts – 9

Summation. We have now explored seven longer summaries of evangelistic messages in Acts plus some seventy, one-line summaries.  All these passages are extremely valuable for training us to share the good news with others. Though the gospel is summarized multiple times to Christians in the letters in the New Testament, these passages in Acts areContinue reading The Good News Told In Acts – 9

The Good News Told in Acts – 8

Short Summaries of the Message. In this series we have explored seven passages in Acts that give us long or medium length summaries of the message the apostles spoke to non-Christians. These Spirit-inspired summaries give us divine guidance about the good news we should speak to non-Christians. Before summarizing these summaries and drawing some conclusions,Continue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 8”

The Good News Told in Acts – 7

Acts 17:16-33 Speaker:  Paul Audience: A Greek council that included Philosophers (Epicurean and Stoic). The council was called the Areopagus because its original meeting place was on the hill of the Greek god Ares. The council was a prestigious group that had jurisdiction in matters of morals and religion. Occasion: After debating with some philosophersContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 7”

The Good News Told in Acts – 5

Acts 10:34-48 Speaker: Peter Audience: Cornelius and his household. These were God-fearing Gentiles. Occasion: God worked extensively on both Cornelius and Peter to bring the two together. The meeting took place in Caesarea, about 75 miles NW of Jerusalem. Result: Cornelius and his entire household received the Spirit and were baptized in the name ofContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 5”

The Good News Told in Acts – 4

Acts 5:29-32 Speaker: Peter and the apostles (v. 29) Audience: The Jewish high priest, council, and senate (vv. 21, 27) Occasion: The high priest and Sadducees were jealous of the power and popularity of the apostles, so they arrested them. During the night an angel released them from prison and told them to go toContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 4”

The Good News Told in Acts – 3.

Acts 4:8-12 The summary of the good news told in Acts 4 is medium in length. It is longer than the several one line summaries we find (such as Acts 11:20), but shorter than the extended accounts in Acts 2, 3, 10, 13, and 17. Still, it has rich insights about the gospel and speakingContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 3.”

The Good News Told in Acts – 2.

Acts 3:11-26 In this series of posts we are seeking to clarify our understanding of the good news, not for merely theoretical reasons, but as a way of equipping ourselves to be useful to our Master. He may well give us opportunities to speak, and we need to be ready (cf. 1 Peter 3:15; ColossiansContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 2.”