The Good News Told in Acts – 7

Acts 17:16-33 Speaker:  Paul Audience: A Greek council that included Philosophers (Epicurean and Stoic). The council was called the Areopagus because its original meeting place was on the hill of the Greek god Ares. The council was a prestigious group that had jurisdiction in matters of morals and religion. Occasion: After debating with some philosophersContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 7”

How to Respond to the Birth of Christ

Luke 2:8-20 In two weeks we will return to our exploration of the good news told in Acts. As Christmas approaches, however, I want to call attention to what the shepherds have to teach us about responding to the birth of Christ. Then, next week, we will notice consider some helpful truths about (New Year’s)Continue reading “How to Respond to the Birth of Christ”

The Good News Told in Acts – 2.

Acts 3:11-26 In this series of posts we are seeking to clarify our understanding of the good news, not for merely theoretical reasons, but as a way of equipping ourselves to be useful to our Master. He may well give us opportunities to speak, and we need to be ready (cf. 1 Peter 3:15; ColossiansContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 2.”

5 – How to Equip Workers

WDJD? In a previous post in the Empowering Subjects Category, we noticed that Jesus was teaching in their synagogues (spiritual formation), proclaiming the good news of the kingdom (evangelism), and healing every disease and sickness (serving). This is what it means to be a worker. Jesus not only did these things, however, he also equippedContinue reading “5 – How to Equip Workers”

3 – What is a Worker?

Someone who S.H.A.R.E.s. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (Matthew 9:37). I believe both halves of his statement are true where I live today. We need more workers. Before we rush into how to get them, we need to pause long enough to ask, Just what is a worker? InContinue reading “3 – What is a Worker?”

1 – Turbulence in the World

And How to Address it. The easiest thing to do about it, of course, is to complain. Everyone seems to be doing that. Sometimes we’re also anxious or even afraid. Surprisingly, some are even apathetic, perhaps due to fatigue. Yet clearly none of these responses make matters any better. If we recognize that and wantContinue reading “1 – Turbulence in the World”