The Angel’s Good News—2

His Message. We noticed in the first post in this series that the angel (messenger) brought good news for all people. Today we will explore the content of that news. We want to understand it because it will be beneficial to us, but it is all the more important that we understand it clear sinceContinue reading “The Angel’s Good News—2”

The Good News Told in Acts – 5

Acts 10:34-48 Speaker: Peter Audience: Cornelius and his household. These were God-fearing Gentiles. Occasion: God worked extensively on both Cornelius and Peter to bring the two together. The meeting took place in Caesarea, about 75 miles NW of Jerusalem. Result: Cornelius and his entire household received the Spirit and were baptized in the name ofContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 5”

How to Respond to the Birth of Christ

Luke 2:8-20 In two weeks we will return to our exploration of the good news told in Acts. As Christmas approaches, however, I want to call attention to what the shepherds have to teach us about responding to the birth of Christ. Then, next week, we will notice consider some helpful truths about (New Year’s)Continue reading “How to Respond to the Birth of Christ”

The Good News Told in Acts – 1.

Acts 2:22-41 If God gave you the opportunity to share the good news about Jesus with someone, what would you say? One of the best ways to ready is to clarify our understanding of the good news. And one of the best ways to gain clarity about it is to carefully explore the good newsContinue reading “The Good News Told in Acts – 1.”

The Story of God’s Kingdom 6

What the Resurrection Says about Jesus. For many years I knew the resurrection of Christ was important but did not clearly understand why. I realized it gives us hope that we will be raised from the dead and live forever. I even had an instinctive sense that Christianity was wrapped up in Christ’s resurrection, butContinue reading “The Story of God’s Kingdom 6”

4 – Where do Workers Come From?

The Answer May Surprise You. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37). Other posts have discussed whether there is still a harvest and what a worker is. The question here is, where do workers come from? How do we come to have the additional workers Jesus said are needed? TheContinue reading “4 – Where do Workers Come From?”