How Jesus Changed the World 5

Equipping. We’ve noticed that Jesus changed the world by setting an example for others, having an extraordinary relationship with God, and growing the kingdom of God by helping others, telling the good news of the kingdom and teaching others about the kingdom. It is also important for us to recognize that he equipped the twelveContinue reading “How Jesus Changed the World 5”

6 – How Much Training do we Really Need?

Do we Grasp the Nature of Working in the Harvest Field? Early in my ministry, I talked to an orthopedic surgeon and told him I couldn’t imagine how daunting it would be to surgery on someone. I was stunned by his reply. He stately flatly that what he does is not nearly so great aContinue reading “6 – How Much Training do we Really Need?”

5 – How to Equip Workers

WDJD? In a previous post in the Empowering Subjects Category, we noticed that Jesus was teaching in their synagogues (spiritual formation), proclaiming the good news of the kingdom (evangelism), and healing every disease and sickness (serving). This is what it means to be a worker. Jesus not only did these things, however, he also equippedContinue reading “5 – How to Equip Workers”

4 – Where do Workers Come From?

The Answer May Surprise You. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37). Other posts have discussed whether there is still a harvest and what a worker is. The question here is, where do workers come from? How do we come to have the additional workers Jesus said are needed? TheContinue reading “4 – Where do Workers Come From?”