Break in Blog Posts

This summer (2023) I will be taking a break from writing new posts for my blog. I intend to focus on other writing that I have neglected. My hope is to resume the blog in the Fall of 2023. If you want to continue to read posts from me, there are well over 100 previousContinue reading “Break in Blog Posts”

Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-14

Substantial. Another aspect of how Jesus changed the world is that the training he provided was substantial. He didn’t merely preach on it. It wasn’t a class once a week. There were no slogans. Instead, he called a few men to leave everything behind and follow him constantly for two or three years. Specifically, heContinue reading “Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World-14”

Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World – 10

Personal and Compassionate. Last time we noticed that we must approach God’s mission authentically. If we ourselves have been touched by God and are being transformed by him, our outreach will be genuine and powerful. We noted several good things that would emerge from such authentic participation in God’s mission, including strong motivation (for moreContinue reading “Empowering Subjects of the King to Change the World – 10”

My New Year’s Wish for You

My New Year’s wish for you may seem a bit abrupt. It is that you may be mended, restored, and prepared for service! I hope that doesn’t sound bad. I realize it could imply that we are broken, off track and useless. And in fact, there is some truth in that, but my wish forContinue reading “My New Year’s Wish for You”

The Angel’s Good News—2

His Message. We noticed in the first post in this series that the angel (messenger) brought good news for all people. Today we will explore the content of that news. We want to understand it because it will be beneficial to us, but it is all the more important that we understand it clear sinceContinue reading “The Angel’s Good News—2”

Gratitude—a Fateful Choice.

It’s wonderful to have a national day of “Thanksgiving and Praise” (Lincoln) each November. Unfortunately, though, the traditions that have grown up around the Thanksgiving Holiday in our nation sometimes hinder us from the very thing it is intended to remind us of. Travel and traffic, expectations and preparations, Black Friday sales and spending, andContinue reading “Gratitude—a Fateful Choice.”