How to Change the World Like Jesus 7

His Sacrificial Death and Resurrection. I certainly will not be exhausting every aspect of the death and resurrection of Jesus in this post. Instead I hope to call attention to two ways it profoundly changes the world. First, Jesus’ death and resurrection show him to be the Messiah—the anointed deliverer God had promised to send.Continue reading “How to Change the World Like Jesus 7”

How Jesus Changed the World 6

Hard Work and Sacrifice. There is a “natural” law that hard work yields good results. You can see examples in many people all around you. There are plenty of exceptions too, of course. Sometimes hard work doesn’t yield much and occasionally a slacker will get lucky. Generally, though, hard work pays off. I call thisContinue reading “How Jesus Changed the World 6”

How Jesus Changed the World 5

Equipping. We’ve noticed that Jesus changed the world by setting an example for others, having an extraordinary relationship with God, and growing the kingdom of God by helping others, telling the good news of the kingdom and teaching others about the kingdom. It is also important for us to recognize that he equipped the twelveContinue reading “How Jesus Changed the World 5”

How Jesus Changed the World 4

His Balanced Ministry. There are different ways one might sum up the ministry of Jesus, but it is certainly worth noticing Matthew’s inspired summary: “Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people” (Matthew 4:23). Before you proceed, I invite you to read thatContinue reading “How Jesus Changed the World 4”

How Jesus Changed the World 3

His Focus on the Kingdom of God Before we consider some specific aspects of how Jesus changed the world, it is important for us to notice that the general way he did so was by establishing and growing the kingdom of God. The Old Testament gives some important background for this emphasis. In several passagesContinue reading “How Jesus Changed the World 3”

How Jesus Changed the World 2

His Trusting Relationship with His Father Another key aspect of how Jesus changed the world is his trusting relationship with his Father. Not even the Son of God changed the world apart from the power of God, and this should profoundly affect our thinking and actions. Jesus’ regular practice of referring to God as hisContinue reading “How Jesus Changed the World 2”

How Jesus Changed the World 1

His Example. There are several aspects of how Jesus changed the world. We will consider a number of them over the next few posts in hopes that we may be inspired to do what he did Did you ever hear someone say, “Do as I say, not as I do?” How did you feel aboutContinue reading “How Jesus Changed the World 1”