Faithfully Communicating the Message

1 Corinthians 1:18-25. I am both thankful for and concerned about all the talk about relevance today. On the one hand, there is a real danger that Christians may lose touch with society. We don’t want to become like the Amish who seem quaint and irrelevant to the real world. There is value in observingContinue reading “Faithfully Communicating the Message”

Cooperating with God’s Purpose as Per Ephesians – 9

Focus of the Leadership We have been talking about God’s purpose of reconciling the people of the world to himself and to each other in Christ and how we can cooperate with his purpose. So far we have discussed remembering where we came from, authentic Christian love, humble and patient attitudes, making a strong effort,Continue reading “Cooperating with God’s Purpose as Per Ephesians – 9”