Parables of the Kingdom 3

The Mustard Seed. I have to confess that I often get discouraged about the health of the church. Though there are indeed many fine congregations and some are doing very well, it seems that the church as a whole often gets off track. Problems abound, and sometimes it seems there is very little difference betweenContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 3”

Parables of the Kingdom 2

Seed Growing Secretly. The parable of the Growing Seed or the Seed Growing Secretly has an important lesson to teach us. Mark alone records this wonderful story (Mark 4:26-29). In it, Jesus specifically says what seems to be true of all the parables, namely, “This is what the kingdom of God is like.” God’s reignContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 2”

Parables of the Kingdom 1

Sower and Soils. In the Scriptures, God had said he was going to intervene and bring about better times and had referred to setting up a kingdom. The Jews had read those words and were looking forward to their fulfillment. In the first century they were expecting God’s kingdom to come (Mark 15:43; Luke 17:20;Continue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 1”