Cooperating with God’s Purpose as Per Ephesians – 6

Attitudes that Promote Unity. God is seeking to reconcile the people of the world to himself and to each other. He calls us to cooperate with his purpose, but we do not and cannot do this independently of him. Instead, we cooperate based on what he has done for us (see post). We are nowContinue reading “Cooperating with God’s Purpose as Per Ephesians – 6”

Parables of the Kingdom 11

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector. This short parable (Luke 18:9-14) teaches a powerful lesson, one I have greatly needed to learn in the course of my life and still need regular reminders about. The Pharisee thanks God that he is better than others. He lists some of those he feels superior to and tellsContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 11”

Parables of the Kingdom 2

Seed Growing Secretly. The parable of the Growing Seed or the Seed Growing Secretly has an important lesson to teach us. Mark alone records this wonderful story (Mark 4:26-29). In it, Jesus specifically says what seems to be true of all the parables, namely, “This is what the kingdom of God is like.” God’s reignContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 2”

The Story of God’s Kingdom 9

The Right Response to the King. The reality of God’s reign among us through Christ is not just interesting. It is extremely significant. It is not merely to be understood and discussed. It is meant to revolutionize our lives. You may remember that the prophecies about the kingdom describe God bringing better days among us.Continue reading “The Story of God’s Kingdom 9”