Parables of the Kingdom 14

Judgment. Though some Christians still seem to over-emphasize the judgment that is coming at the end of time, in my circles many more Christians today seem to neglect it. I get it. It is important for us to grasp God’s grace too. And we also need to emphasize the importance and relevance of living likeContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 14”

Parables of the Kingdom 13

Banquet. When we speculate about what heaven will be like, we mention a variety of things we hope we will get to experience. Many questions may remain unanswered for now, but the Bible also gives us some definite information about what it will be like. For example, God prophesied through Isaiah that one day heContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 13”

Parables of the Kingdom 11

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector. This short parable (Luke 18:9-14) teaches a powerful lesson, one I have greatly needed to learn in the course of my life and still need regular reminders about. The Pharisee thanks God that he is better than others. He lists some of those he feels superior to and tellsContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 11”

Parables of the Kingdom 10

The Shrewd Manager. The parable of the shrewd manager (Luke 16:1-9) has an important lesson to teach us about money, but we often miss it because some of the wording in the parable throws us off course. The basic story is that a manger is going to lose his job and doesn’t know how heContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 10”

Parables of the Kingdom 9

The Good Samaritan. When an expert in the Law said the way to inherit eternal life is to obey the two greatest commandments, Jesus replied that he had answered correctly (Luke 10:25-28). But the man wanted to justify himself so he asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbor?” In response, Jesus told the Parable of theContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 9”

Parables of the Kingdom 8

Unmerciful Servant. For a while there was a major emphasis in both society and church on not judging others. More recently, that emphasis seems to have diminished greatly. Today we hear accusations left and right. There is a pervasive judging of most anyone about any number of things. This judging is in contrast to oneContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 8”

Parables of the Kingdom 5

Weeds. Are you troubled by what’s going on in the world? Have you ever struggled with your faith due to bad things that have happened to you or your loved ones? If so, you’ll want to note the message of the Parable of the Weeds. This is another agricultural parable, and it is also sometimesContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 5”

Parables of the Kingdom 4

Leaven. What is the right relationship between the kingdom of God and the world? We don’t often say this, and when we do it is not popular, but there are only two kingdoms. There is the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. If we ask someone which kingdom they belong to, they mayContinue reading “Parables of the Kingdom 4”