Motivation for the Mission – 3

Christ’s Love for Us. God has given us a mission of showing and telling the good news about Jesus to others, and he has also provided resources to help us do so. One important resource is motivation. It is so much easier to do what we are motivated to do than what we merely thinkContinue reading “Motivation for the Mission – 3”

Motivation for the Mission—1

Obedience to the Instructions of Christ. God is growing a kingdom among us and wants us to be involved in its growth. He is not limited by us, of course, but in his sometimes incomprehensible wisdom, he has chosen to work through human beings. I have written elsewhere about our having this responsibility (see post,Continue reading “Motivation for the Mission—1”

Cooperating with God’s Purpose as Per Ephesians – 10

Beneficial Behaviors in the Body. In addition to all the matters mentioned in previous posts, there are some specific behaviors that are needed and others that must be eliminated in order to have unity in the body of Christ, as God wills (Ephesians 4:25-5:2). All these behaviors are either good or bad in and ofContinue reading “Cooperating with God’s Purpose as Per Ephesians – 10”