Motivation for the Mission—9

Glory to God. We have been exploring motivations for the mission of telling others about Christ in hopes that we can find motivation to actually do so (series begins here). Another great motivation for telling about him is knowing that when we do, it gives glory to God. We might surmise that telling others aboutContinue reading “Motivation for the Mission—9”

Great Commissions 3

Luke. Luke’s account of Jesus’ final instructions to his followers is my new favorite (24:45-49). It begins by describing the basis for the commission that follows. The basis is that the Messiah (or Christ) had to suffer, rise from the dead, and enter his glory (24:26, 46). This was God’s plan from the beginning, andContinue reading “Great Commissions 3”

The Story of God’s Kingdom 12

The Eternal Kingdom. We could trace the idea of kingdom all the way back to the beginning, because God himself has always been king (Psalm 47). During the Old Testament, for a while, he also exerted his reign through the kings of Israel (Psalm 2). But it seems to me that the kingdom proper unfoldsContinue reading “The Story of God’s Kingdom 12”