Great Commissions 6

Sum. Over the last few posts we have taken a close look at five accounts of the final commission Jesus gave the apostles. I don’t know whether these are different accounts of a single commission Jesus gave or he spoke words like these on several occasions. Either way, pulling together the main themes that areContinue reading “Great Commissions 6”

Great Commissions 5

Acts. In Acts 1:1-8, Luke gives us another account of Jesus’ final commission to the twelve. Here we find three important foundation stones before the actual commission (in v. 8). The first foundation stone is that, after his suffering and death, Jesus presented himself to the apostles and gave many convincing proofs that he reallyContinue reading “Great Commissions 5”

Great Commissions 4

John. John’s account of Jesus’ final commission to his followers (John 20:19-23) puzzles me in some ways, and there are things about it I don’t understand. Instead of going into all those matters, though, I’ll focus on the key things that seem clear. After his resurrection but prior to commissioning his disciples, Jesus appears toContinue reading “Great Commissions 4”

Great Commissions 3

Luke. Luke’s account of Jesus’ final instructions to his followers is my new favorite (24:45-49). It begins by describing the basis for the commission that follows. The basis is that the Messiah (or Christ) had to suffer, rise from the dead, and enter his glory (24:26, 46). This was God’s plan from the beginning, andContinue reading “Great Commissions 3”

Great Commissions 2

Mark. Another account of Jesus’ final commission to his followers may be found in Mark 16:15-16. You may know that there is a question about whether Mark 16:9-20 was a part of Mark’s original Gospel (see footnotes in your Bible). I won’t go into that here, except to say that a number of biblical scholarsContinue reading “Great Commissions 2”

Great Commissions 1

Matthew. We are accustomed to referring to Matthew 28:18-20 as “the Great Commission.” A commission is “an instruction, command or duty given to a person or group of people” (Oxford Languages), and this passage certainly qualifies as that. In fact, however, there are five passages where Jesus gives final instructions to his followers. We willContinue reading “Great Commissions 1”