Motivation for the Mission – 8

The Power of the Spirit. We have been discussing various matters that motivate us for the mission of telling others about Christ (series begins here). Motivation is an extremely valuable gift from God, because it is so much easier to do what we have strong motivation to do than what we merely think we oughtContinue reading “Motivation for the Mission – 8”

Great Commissions 6

Sum. Over the last few posts we have taken a close look at five accounts of the final commission Jesus gave the apostles. I don’t know whether these are different accounts of a single commission Jesus gave or he spoke words like these on several occasions. Either way, pulling together the main themes that areContinue reading “Great Commissions 6”

Great Commissions 3

Luke. Luke’s account of Jesus’ final instructions to his followers is my new favorite (24:45-49). It begins by describing the basis for the commission that follows. The basis is that the Messiah (or Christ) had to suffer, rise from the dead, and enter his glory (24:26, 46). This was God’s plan from the beginning, andContinue reading “Great Commissions 3”